Fake Cops

FAKE COPS are a Toronto-based improv troupe known for playing the balance between intelligence and absurdity within scenes. Performing an original form that revolves around drawing inspiration from the preceding scene to create a butterfly-effect style of cause-and-effect, connecting each scene together while establishing a common theme. Coached by Second City Mainstage alum Kirsten Rasmussen, FAKE COPS has established a local following within Toronto thanks to their outlandish theatre-packing productions such as the alternative comedy showcase “The Disaster” and improvised battle arena “Thunderdome.” Having performed at festivals in Toronto, Ottawa, Detroit, Chicago and New York, the well-traveled troupe prides itself on its multi-talented cast with backgrounds in writing, acting, music, stand-up, sketch, athletes, directing and poetry, all of which are brought to the stage making FAKE COPS a troupe to look out for. Also we're buds and we like hanging out and doing 'bits.'

Andrew Bushell
Filipe Dimas
Nicole Dunn
Simon McCamus
Alex Kolanko