Network Notes

We all believe in movie magic, but is it technically "magic"? So much hard work goes into the creation of a film, but who is really making it all happen? Who should we be thanking for all our favourite Hollywood moments?

That's right. The studio executives!

Join Evany Rosen and Kayla Lorette as they show us what really happens when studio executives must give notes to those pesky creatives and hopefully shape their movies into something that won't be box office poison.

Network Notes will feature improvised scenes from nonexistent movies, harsh and likely nonsensical notes on those scenes, and an endless supply of complimentary bottled water!

Kayla Lorette
Evany Rosen

Leigh Cameron
Jess Fildes
Meags Fitzgerald
Vance Gillis
David Kaufman
Sehar Manji
Kyla Margaret
DJ Mausner
James McGee
Amanda McQueen